Viet Nam's Trade Ministry Urges Australia to Lift Ban on Shrimp Imports

Minister of Industry and Trade Tran Tuan Anh has just called on the Australian Government to soon lift its ban on prawn and uncooked shelled shrimp imports, saying that it poses negative impacts on Viet Nam’s shrimp breeding and processing sector.

Processing raw shrimp for export.

The Vietnamese minister made the call in his recent letter to the Minister of Commerce and Minister of Agriculture and Natural Resources of Australia.

On January 7, the Australian Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources announced the suspension of prawn and uncooked shelled shrimp imports from Asian nations in fear of white spot disease outbreaks in Australia. The ban took effect on January 9, 2017 and will last for six months.

Shrimp shipments which departed the exporting country on or after January 9, 2017 will be re-exported or destroyed when arriving in Australia. Other shipments en route to Australia will face strict examinations.

Right after the announcement, the Ministry of Industry and Trade instructed related bodies and the Viet Nam Trade Office in Australia to update relevant associations and enterprises on the information while working with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development to look for suitable solutions.

The Office worked with the Seafood Importers Association of Australia to have common voices in raising concern over the ban’s negative impacts on Australian shrimp importers and consumers as well as Vietnamese shrimp farmers and exporters.

The agency also met with representatives from several shrimp exporters to voice their common concern to the Australian Government.

Meanwhile, during his working session with Australian Ambassador to Vietnam Craig Chittick in Hanoi on February 10, MoIT Deputy Minister Tran Quoc Khanh briefed on huge losses caused by the ban to Vietnamese shrimp farmers and exporters, calling the Australian Government to consider, devise alternative measures and soon lift the ban in order not to impact growing trade relations between the two nations.

MoIT will continue working with relevant bodies from the two nations to ask the Australian Government to remove the ban as soon as possible.

Australia’s Trade with Viet Nam in 2016

Two-way goods trading between Australia and Viet Nam in 2016 reached AUD 8.21 billions, in which, Viet Nam exported to Australia AUD 4.47 billions and imported from Australia AUD 3.74 billions.

Details of Australia’s Trade with Viet Nam in 2016.

Australian state invites Vietnamese investors

The Australia Viet Nam Business Council (AVBC) and Canberra University recently held a workshop in Sydney to call on Vietnamese businesses to make investment in Australia’s New South Wales.

Addressing the event on February 16, Suzanne Gilham, a senior official from the NSW Department of Industry, introduced the Australian business visa programme in 2017, which offers many incentives for entrepreneurs and investors from China, Malaysia and Viet Nam. 

She said the state’s government regards Viet Nam as a potential and promising market to develop this new model in Australia.

Local authorities are coordinating with Vietnamese agencies and organisations to promote this programme in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City in June this year, she added.

President and founder of the AVBC Laurence Strano said the programme aims to encourage Vietnamese enterprises to do business in New South Wales.

He cited two-way trade surged from 45 million USD in 1990 to 10 billion USD at present.

Bilateral trade is expected to double in the coming time, he said, adding that he hopes more Vietnamese businesses will make investment in Australia and vice versa.-VNA

ASEAN village shines at Australian multicultural festival

An ASEAN village has been a big attraction at the 21st National Multicultural Festival recently held in Australia.

The colourful village consisted of a central stage and 10 stalls of traditional crafts and food run by 10 member nations. 

Brunei High Commissioner in Canberra Zakaria Ahmad, also head of the ASEAN Committee in the city in 2017, said it is not the first time ASEAN member states have taken part in the festival, but it is the first time they have joined it together.

Vietnamese Ambassador to Australia Luong Thanh Nghi said the village aims to promote ASEAN’s solidarity and diverse cultures to international friends.

Rachel Stephen-Smith, Minister for Multicultural Affairs at the Australian Capital Territory Government, called the ASEAN village an interesting destination, adding that the participation of the bloc members has been an indispensable part of the fair in the past two decades. 

This year, Australia’s National Multicultural Festival, first held in 1996, comprised 400 stalls covering 10 km. It was estimated that 40 tonnes of food were consumed during the three-day event.

ASEAN and Australia have built their partnership over the past 42 years, with bilateral trade doubling to reach 100 billion AUD within the last decade. The figure accounted for 15 percent of Australia’s total trade revenue.

Understanding Viet Nam’s Import and Export Regulations

Once an investor has set up their trading company within Viet Nam, it is important that their workers gain a strong understanding of the country’s import and export regulations and procedures. Below we lay out the key takeaways that companies must be aware of before starting their trading activities in Viet Nam.

Import and Export Licensing Procedures

Viet Nam does not require a company to have an import/export license in order to set up a trading company. However, in order to be able to conduct import/export business, a foreign investor must register with the Department of Planning and Investment (DPI). Additionally, foreign investors who wish to engage in import/export activities in Viet Nam are required to obtain an Investment Certificate. Companies that wish to expand their current business operations in order to engage in import/export activities must follow the procedures for adjusting their Investment Certificates.

According to Circular 34/2013/TT-BCT, there are certain goods that foreign invested enterprises may not export from, or import into, Viet Nam. Goods banned for export include petroleum oil. Goods banned from import into the country include cigars, tobacco, petroleum oils, newspapers and journals, and aircraft.

Certain goods require the trading company to obtain import and export permits from the government, as per Appendix II of Decree 187/2013/ND-CP. These include:

  • Goods subject to export control in accordance with international treaties to which Viet Nam is a contracting party
  • Goods exported within quotas set by foreign countries
  • Goods subject to import control in accordance with international treaties to which Viet Nam is a contracting party
  • Chemicals, explosive pre-substances and industrial explosives

All imports and exports must comply with the relevant government regulations on quarantine, food safety, and quality standards, and must be inspected by the relevant government agencies before clearing customs.

Import/Export Duties

Most goods imported/exported across the borders of Viet Nam, or which pass between the domestic market and a non-tariff zone, are subject to import/export duties. Exceptions to this include goods in transit, goods exported abroad from a non-tariff zone, goods imported from foreign countries into non-tariff areas for use in non-tariff areas only, and goods passing from one non-tariff zone to another.

Most goods and services being exported are exempt from tax. Export duties (ranging from zero percent to 45 percent and computed on free-on-board (FOB) price) are only charged on a few items, mainly natural resources such as minerals, forest products, and scrap metal.

Consumer goods, especially luxury goods, are subject to high import duties, while machinery, equipment, materials and supplies needed for production, especially those items which are not produced domestically, enjoy lower rates of import duties, or even a zero percent tax rate. Duty rates for imported goods include preferential rates, special preferential rates, and standard rates depending on the origin of the goods.

Import/export duties declarations are required upon registration of customs declarations with the customs offices. Export duties must be paid within 30 days of registration of customs declarations. For imported goods, import duties must be paid before receipt of consumer goods.

Depending on the trade conditions, Viet Nam imposes a number of different types of duties on the import and export of goods. Companies wishing to find in-depth information on a range of goods would be well advised to visit the website of Viet Nam Customs.


Viet Nam imposes a tax on almost every type of product that is imported into the country. The import tax rates range depending on the type of product, for example, consumer products and luxury goods are highly taxed while machinery, equipment, and raw materials, tend to receive lower taxes and even tax exemptions. Imports are subject to import tax, Value-added tax (VAT) and, for certain goods, Special Consumption Tax (SCT).

Tax rates applicable to imported goods include preferential tax rates, special preferential tax rates, and ordinary tax rates:

Preferential tax rates apply to goods originating from countries, groups of countries, or territories, which apply the most favored nation treatment in their trade relations with Viet Nam

Special preferential tax rates apply to goods originating from countries, groups of countries, or territories, which apply special preferences on import tax to Viet Nam. Currently, it is mainly applicable to ASEAN nations under common preferential tariffs (CEPT).

Ordinary tax rates apply to goods originating from countries, groups of countries, or territories, which do not apply the most favored nation treatment of special preferences on import tax to Viet Nam. Ordinary tax rates will be no more than 70 percent higher than the preferential tax rates specified by the government

VAT rates range from zero to ten percent, with ten percent being the most common rate. Detailed information can be found in Circular No. 83/2014/TT-BTC.


Only certain commodities are liable for export tax. Export taxes range from zero to 45 percent. Many goods are also subject to Value-added Tax. In addition, the Law on Special Consumption Tax (SCT) stipulates that exporters who purchase SCT tax-liable goods for export, but instead sell the products domestically, are liable for SCT.

The export tax rates applicable to exported goods are specified for each item in the Export Tariff. For the year 2017, the tax tariff can be found in Decree 122/2016/ ND-CP. Whenever there is an update in the tax tariff, the Ministry of Finance will issue new Circulars which will either replace or supplement the previous ones. VAT on exported goods is zero percent.

Tax exempt goods

In certain situations, imported and exported goods are exempt from tax, these include the following:

  • Goods temporarily imported for re-export or temporarily exported for re-import
  • Goods imported for processing for foreign partners then exported or goods exported to foreign countries for processing for Viet Nam then re-imported under processing contracts
  • Goods imported to create fixed assets for projects entitled to investment incentives or investment projects funded with official development assistance (ODA) capital sources
  • Goods imported in service of petroleum activities
  • Goods imported for direct use in activities of scientific research and technological development

Tax Calculation

The payable import/export tax amount is equal to the unit volume of each actually imported/exported goods item. These are inscribed in the customs declarations and are multiplied by the tax calculation price and the tax rate of each item, which is stated in the tariff at the time of tax calculation.

The tax calculation methods are specified below:

Payable Tax = unit volume of each actually imported/exported goods item x the tax calculation price x the tax rate of each item at time of calculation

For goods items subject to absolute tax: Payable tax = unit volume of each actually imported/exported goods item x the absolute tax rate provided for a goods unit at time of tax calculation

Interior Decoration.

The Artist Vietnam JSC.,
Tel +84 4 6684 6380
Ms. Bui Thi Hong Hanh
Sales Manager
Mobile +84 985 293 081

Whole/Ground Black/white pepper.

Petrolimex International Trading Joint Stock Company (PITCO) Tel +84 3838 3400 (ext:112)
Fax +84 3924 1322
Mr. Eric Dang
Senior Business Development Executive
Mobile +84 967 449 319

Dried Prawn.

Processing Facility Le Dung
Tel +84 16 7834 3434
Le Hung
Sales manager
Mobile +84 976 589 312

Noodles (Instant noodles, Rice noodles, Noodle soup); Fish Source.

Asia Food Technology JSC (MICOEM)
Tel +84 4 3978 4609
Fax +84 4 3932 9049
Anthony Nguyen
Sales Executive
Mobile +84 984 968 251

Organic Essential oil & Bio Mask (coconut facial mask).

Vina Token Technology And Trading Co., Ltd
Tel +84 8 3771 2810
Fax +84 8 3775 0654
Ms. Nguyen Thi Lai
Mobile +84 913 931 782

Highlands Gac Oils.

Highland Gac ProductionTrading Services Company Limited
Tel +84 501 3608 989
Fax +84 501 3608 989
Mr. Phan Quang Huy
Mobile +84 947 770 108

Lighting products and electrical equipment.

Dien Quang Lamp Joint Stock Company
Tel +84 4 3564 3093
Fax +84 4 3564 3093
Ms Mai Thi Ngoc Anh
Import/Export Dept
Mobile +84 942 496 889

Spices and agricultural product.

VinaPas Vietnam International Company Limited
Tel +84 927 244 888
Fax +84 4 6686 8439
Ms. Nguyen Quynh Trang (Veronica)
International Sales Excecutive
Mobile +84 973 883 236 / +84 989 124 586

Live freshwater eel fishes, live soft-shell turtle, vive grouper.

Tienhau Co. Ltd
Tel +84 8 3883 4729
Fax +84 8 3883 4974
Do Thanh Trung (Mr. John)
Sales executive
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Bamboo Furniture.

Green Street Trading and Service JSC.,
Tel +84 4 6684 6380
Ms Huyen Tran
Sales staff
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Cabinet enclosure, Copper cable lugs, Aluminum cable lugs, Bi metal cable lugs, Power transmission line hardware, Yoke plate.

Quan Pham Co., ltd
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Mr. Duc Pham Huu
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Marble tiles, limestone slab.

Vietstone Co., ltd
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Fax +84 4 3761 3069
Ms. Do Thi Quynh Thu
Sales manager
Mobile +84 983 872 001

Coffee (instant coffee, ground coffee, roasted coffee of arabica & robusta bean, frozen extract coffee).

An Thai Group
Tel +84 8 6656 1122
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Nguyen Thi Nhung (Ms. Jasmine)
Sales executive
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Cacao & Coffee (instant cacao powder, cacao powder 5in1, chocolate bar, ready-to-drink coffee, ready-to-drink chocolate, UHT chocolate milk, instant coffee 3in1, instant coffee 5in1, energy drinks).

Viet Nam Cacao Joint Stock Corporation
Tel +84 8 3910 3425
Fax +84 8 3910 2772
Nguyen Quoc Anh (Mr. Anthony)
Export Team Leader
Mobile +84 905 209 103

Nature Salt (cooked salt, ground salt, dried refined salt).

Southern Salt Group Joint Stock Company
Tel +84 3 823 8523
Fax +84 3 824 4508
To Thi Bien
Sales manager
Mobile +84 977 868 879

VINAGA Gac Oil Capsule.

Vietnam Plant Oil and Food Processing Limited Company (VNPOFOOD)
Tel +84 3 719 0788
Fax +84 3 719 0789
Ms. Nguyen Thi Hoa Van
Public relations manager
Mobile +84 966 972 717

Agro products.

Nhat Tin Company Limited
Tel +84 918 282 141
Fax +84 4 3976 3333
Dan Vu
Director of Sale
Mobile +84 918 282 141

Cashew Kernels.

Nam Ha Company Limited
Tel +84 8 3840 0171
Fax +84 8 3840 3154
Nguyen Thu Ha
Business development manager
Mobile +84 938 818 966

Bedroom wooden furniture.

Minh Duong Furniture Company
Tel +84  4 3217 1736
Fax +84 4 3217 1735
Mr. Hung Nguyen Huu
Sales Manager
Mobile +84 982 953 835

Underware & Toothbrush.

K&G Vietnam Investment Joint Stock Co.
Tel +84 4 3788 0111 
Fax +84 4 3201 1999
Ms Phuong Bui Minh
Import/Export Dept. Head
Mobile +84 934 219 955

Forest Products.

Forest Products Export Joint-Stock Company of Quang Nam.
Tel +84 510 394 3664     
Fax +84 510 384 3619
Ms. Nguyen Thi Truc Phuong

Plastics Homewares, Toys, and Industrial Products.

Dai Dong Tien Corporation
Tel +84 8 3955 6686
Ms. Le Thuy Diem
Mobile +84 934 049 669 

Fashion footwear for men, women and kids: ballerina, pump, sandal, boot, sneaker in leather, PU and fabric.  

Hai My Export Import Co., Ltd.
Ms Alyssa Tran
Tel +84 8 3510 9028
Mobile +84 932 168 299

Kitchenware, household utensils and toys made of rubber-wood, MDF, plywood.

Duc Thanh Wood Processing Joint Stock Company
Tel +84 8 3589 4287 (Ext 16)
Fax +84 8 35894288
Mr. Dinh Viet Thuan
Sales Representative
Mobile +84 913 853 476

Disposal Syringes, Hypodermic Needles, Suction Catheters, and Infusion Sets

Viet Nam Medical Plastic, JSC - MPV
Tel +84 303 777 588
Fax +84 303 777 589
Ms Elise
Mobile +84 918 055 62

Rubber crumb, rubber tiles, rubber flooring rolls for the sports and offices area

Sagama Viet Nam, a member of the Long Long Chemical Co., Ltd
Tel +84 4 3938 6789     
Ms. Monika Popiolek
Mobile +84 123 414 9311

Padding jackets, woven shirts, chinos and cut & sew items

Blue Moda & Blue Jade
Tel +84 8 6251 5586
Mr. Benz Nguyen
General Director
Mobile +84 909 924 775

Calcium carbonate in powder

YBB Calcium Products Company Limited
Tel + 84 2 9385 8485
Ms Thuy Hanh
Mobile +84 915 058 581

Ceramics, fine arts & handicrafts, and clothing

V-Stars Gifts
Tel +84 4 6283 2666
Fax: +84 4 6283 2999
Mr. Minh Gon
Mobile +84 9 8111 3013

Ground-nuts, gingers, cinnamon, anise flower

Tel +84 9 8944 6928
Ms Hoang An
Mobile +84 9 1291 2046

S-Insert (HS: 73269099), Welded Wire Mesh (73143900), Rebar coupler (73079290), Thread rod (73181900), D-Lift (73160010), D-Clutch (73160010), D-Former (39269000)

QH Plus Corporation
Tel +84 8 5411 1977
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Ms Hong

Filler Master Batch, Color Master Batch.

European Plastic Joint Stock Company
Tel +84 4 2220 7111     
Fax +84 4 2220 7112
Mrs. Dzung Cao
Mobile +84 934 424 626

Polo-Shirt, T-Shirt, jackets, sporty suits, kid suits and the other knitted, woven garment.

Hue Textile-Garment Joint Stock Company
Mr. Ty
Tel +84 5 4386 4337
Fax +84 5 4386 4338
List of a number of reliable exporters among Vietnamese companies selected and published by Ministry of Industry and Trade of Viet Nam.

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